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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We haven't even launched the formal debut of this blog and we already have over 700 page views after just one posting to the site.  I am in the process of setting up feeds to several social sites in order that our blog be seen by thousands upon thousands each and every day.  I have also installed a button right on this blog site above so all visitors can like and share this on facebook.

In time, this blog will help promote our beautiful area and will help local businesses flourish as special interviews will take place with business owners, residents, tourists, and others giving testimony as to the beauty and wonder of Grand Lake O' the Cherokees and the surrounding area. Our photography staff will post beautiful photos and we ask that everyone send us their own photos and stories for inclusion on the site.  I am sure eyes will be opened as to the beauty that exists right here at our front door.

Thanks and always remember, LIFE REALLY IS BETTER WHEN IT'S GRAND...™
A Partial View of Grand Lake O' the Cherokees

Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome to our blog and make yourself at home.  At this point the blog is still in creation mode and will be a short while before regular postings, articles, photos, etc. will appear.  You will have fun with this blog as it will be a vacation in itself where one can escape the daily routine and feel immersed in total relaxation.

We will keep you informed as to the formal debut...

Please become a follower of the blog, sign up for email distribution below and take the short survey; get ready for the ride of your life.  Welcome aboard; you will love where we will take you and please don't forget to like and share on facebook above.

                                                                             Cherokee Queen Riverboat on Grand Lake

P.S. (Excerpt from an earlier facebook post introducing my new blog)

"I will share with the world what I have found right here in Oklahoma, a place where one can escape to those special places many have
 only dreamed of... East Coast shoreline, find a replica along the shorelines of Grand Lake; Upper Pacific Coast, it's here!  Ever taken a cruise on the Rhine River in Germany, achieve that same feeling right here in certain areas on Grand Lake and save thousands.  Is fishing your thing and what about 4 Whellin'... this is just the beginning!  We won't talk about the cuisine right now or the beautiful vacation and retirement homes our Real Estate experts can show you (hope living on a cliff doesn't bother you)... golfing, it's here, along with highly equipped marinas.  Don't get so excited you can't sleep tonight; we'll take it slowly so you can soak it all in..."